What You Need to Know About Tenant Representation

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So, you probably know already that most businesses pay rent just like you do. Just like you pay a landlord every month, most business owners are doing the same thing. However, imagine if you were using your home as your workplace? Imagine if every home issue was directly tied in with your livelihood? Naturally, you would need a lawyer. This is why tenant representation services exist.

Part of the issue comes from the existence of zoning laws. Zoning laws have certain rules that apply to businesses, certain rules that apply to residences, and certain rules that apply to both. These rules and regulations are every bit as cumbersome and ever-changing as most other aspects of American law.
Have you ever had an instance in which your landlord tried to raise your rent? If so, they probably did not have a particularly good excuse for doing so. Well, imagine dealing with that while you’re trying to run a business! In a business situation, that is a very serious problem because it affects the company’s operating costs and thus affects the bottom line. This makes it a problem not only for you, but for any potential employees and therefore anyone that you do business with.
Many respectable companies offer tenant representation services. Click this link for more information: http://sfofficespaces.com/services/tenant-representation/.  A few phone calls here and there can do a lot to educate you about who these people are and what they can do for you. In the end, you have to go with the option that meets your needs, but I would be sure to talk to any prospect in as much depth as you can so that you can accurately gauge their conduct and professionalism.
Tenant representation often doesn’t just cover legal issues. Many times, the companies that offer these services will also help a new business to find the ideal location in which to rent space. Part of this is dictated by zoning laws, which are often very specific about what types of businesses can be opened in what areas. Part of this is also dictated by the market and other economic factors. You want your business to be in an area that will attract attention and thus attract customers, but that requires knowledge that not everyone has.
In a cutthroat market (which real estate often is), you have to know how to talk to people in their own terms. You also have to deal with them from a position of strength, which you can only do through legal means (unless you’re some kind of gangster, in which case this article isn’t for you anyway!) so having someone close at hand that thoroughly understands the law is almost a necessity. In fact, I would go a little farther and say that it is, in fact, a necessity. If you find the right representative, the process is likely to go much more smoothly because the landlord knows that they are dealing with serious people who will not allow them to play and games.

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