What You Need to Know About Septic Tank Inspections

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Your septic tank is usually something you don’t think much about, but neglecting it can be disastrous for your home. Issues with your septic system may go unnoticed until it’s too late. Before the worst comes to pass, make sure to find a local service for septic tanks inspections Citra FL, and know what to do to keep your septic tank in good shape.

Why Inspections Are Vital

A septic system is designed to facilitate filtration of wastewater and breakdown of its contents. However, this process takes time and isn’t completely thorough on its own. Effluent can build up in the tank and drain field, especially when your house has many people living in it. If the tank overflows, wastewater pools in the grass and soil surrounding it, backs up into household drains and release nitrates or coliform bacteria into local water, threatening the ecosystem and your household.

When to Inspect

Sometimes, homeowners may fail to consider the need for regular inspections if they’re not used to living in a house that has its own septic system. As a rule of thumb, have inspections performed at least once every five years, or as often as once every two years for a larger household, to avoid the need for more costly procedures. Emergency inspections should be conducted when you see signs of backup or overflow: a foul odor is the most obvious, but spongy grass and soil, standing water and algal blooms in the surrounding area are strong indicators as well.

What Else You Can Do

  • To allow your septic system to perform at its best, avoid using your toilet and sink as general disposal.
  • Identify where your drain field is and don’t park, place or build anything over it.
  • Use water efficiently; the more water you send down the plumbing, the faster you fill your tank.
  • Keep records on when maintenance is performed and what is done, so service providers have access to this information.

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