Real Estate prospects are moving up in the US

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2017 was a good year for US real estate. But while it may not have seen the same growth rate as stocks or crypto currency, it did see an increase in value compared to the previous years.
The combined value of US housing stock for last year went up by 6.5% or equivalent to $2 trillion, according to real estate data expert Zillow. All houses in the US were pegged at a combined value of $31.8 trillion.
It was the fastest gain in home value growth since 2013, but while you may think that 2018 may be a  not-so-good year to buy a house, you could definitely see a better proposition by looking at real estate investors who would come up to you and say we buy houses Virginia.
Better options to sell and reinvest your proceeds
If you are currently living in a big house or may a few more real estate investments in your portfolio, you may want to start cashing in on your real estate investments and look at more options for other forms of investment before this real estate bubble bursts.
Newer trends are looking a three bedroom houses or apartments
Early this year, the real estate industry may soon be taking a turn. As market intelligence and data has been seeing significant increase consumer intent with an astounding 646% increase year-on-year in online searches for 3-bedroom house for rent, while a 257% increase year-on-year searches for 3 bedroom apartments.
According to the US Census Bureau, there is a growing demand for mobile homes as well as a marked increase in the sale of manufactured homes.
The millennial and iGeneration (Gen Z) market are establishing a new trend in home ownership and maybe this is the best time to make the most of your investments by cashing in and embracing new investment opportunities.
The next time you hear someone saying, we buy houses Norfolk, try to grab it soon enough while the iron is still hot and take advantage of new investment opportunities.

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