Pune: Property Investment on Smaller Houses is a wise decision

Admin@ | August 20, 2018 | 0 | Real Estate

There is always a huge demand for homes present in all sizes especially in larger cities. When it comes to Pune and when you spot a notice- Properties for sale in Pune, the demand is more towards the smaller residential units ranging from 550 to 800 square feet. Such homes and compact homes such as studio apartments and 1BHK flats tend to be affordable in any city.

Many home buyers start looking out for starter houses at Pune and Mumbai for property investment. Starter homes are those properties for sale in Pune and Mumbai that fall within their current budget and can be sold in future as their incomes and family witness growth. This clearly tells that the demand for smaller housing units such as 1 BHK, 1,5 BHK units and studio apartments will remain constant in all the metro cities. In Pune, the newer townships in localities such as Charoli offer best options for the same.

Due to this constant demand, the developers at Pune are also focusing upon providing small residential units. Apart from being the most affordable and easier to sell, small homes also have higher steady rental demands in cities such and Pune and Mumbai. This will be a delight for those who are unable to buy in the most central locations. From rental income as well as capital appreciation point of view, compact flats remains to be an ideal investment option for property investors.

Usually, the smaller residential properties for sale in Pune are spotted at the most central areas as it offer easy access to important work spots in the city. Won’t it be great reaching your work place on time amidst the traffic chaos which is a major concern for all home buyers. Work places have been expanding in Pune and Mumbai. In Mumbai, such places include Navi Mumbai, Panvel and Thane whereas in Pune, Baner, Kharadi and Wakad are notable localities. Faster appreciation of properties for sale in Pune and corporates opting to convert it into guesthouses can be expected. Flats that are given out for longer leases can also be considered as a prime source of higher and steady rental income.


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