3 Important Preventative Maintenance Programs for Commercial Buildings

Admin@ | June 24, 2020 | 0 | Real Estate

Commercial property managers have a lot to stay on top of. It’s important that they not get preoccupied with leasing activities or grounds maintenance tasks that may occupy the forefront of their day-to-day responsibilities. Here are three examples of preventative maintenance programs that can help to reduce the risk of serious problems that may require more costly service needs from developing.

  1. Develop an Integrated Pest Management Plan

Pest control should be an ongoing effort rather than something that should be addressed only when a commercial tenant is experiencing an infestation. An integrated pest management plan that includes every commercial unit within a building can help to stop infestations before they start and also provide early detection of infestations when they develop so that they can be controlled more easily.

  1. Have Ongoing Maintenance Performed on Your HVAC System 

A commercial HVAC system that serves a large building needs to be meticulously maintained. An improperly cared for system can cause dirty air to circulate throughout an entire building. Moreover, it won’t operate efficiently and may require significantly more energy than it would if it were cleaned and calibrated on a set schedule. If you’re looking for an HVAC maintenance contract Chicago IL, you should work with a company that is experienced in serving commercial clients with large systems rather than a company that works primarily on smaller residential systems.

  1. Get Your Elevators Serviced More Than Once Per Year

In older buildings, elevator problems tend to occur very frequently. However, many property managers don’t have elevator maintenance performed more than once a year when they renew their operating certificates. A lack of ongoing maintenance can result in serious problems that can create extended outages, require costly emergency repairs, and even create dangerous accidents and entrapments. A structured maintenance program and advanced detection of problems can help reduce the occurrence of outages and possibly reduce your overall maintenance costs.

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