3 Common Types Of Oil Field Equipment

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Almost everything we use relies on petroleum. Because of this, it’s good to know what we use to get it, refine it, and make it commercially ready for people to use. Here are 3 common types of oil field equipment that help to make this all possible

Drilling Rigs

In order to get the oil, companies usually have to drill deep into the earth to reach this precious resource. Offshore drilling rigs are used in the oceans whereas large drilling rig towers are used on land. These towers use large pieces of drilling pipe that get inserted to create a very deep drill that can penetrate the earth several miles down. 

These drilling rigs can be permanent or temporary depending on the use case, which can help to save money when a well dries up and equipment needs to be moved to the next drilling area. Many companies can also save quite a bit of money by buying aftermarket oilfield equipment from companies who no longer use or need it. 

Oil Field Trucks

Trucks and oil fields are basically two peas in a pod as they are the true workhorse of any oil field. These tucks are made to carry and move heavy objects, as well as moving liquids and sludge. Without these sorts of trucks on the job, it would be very hard to make any oil field operate.

Well Control

Controlling the flow of oil is very important in order to safely extract as much as possible from deep wells. Equipment such as blowout preventers, kill manifolds, and closing units are very common oil field equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.

As you can see, there are several different types of oil field equipment out there, but all of them are designed to make oil extraction safe and efficient for all involved. 

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