3 Reasons to Consider Painting Your Window Trim Black

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When you’re thinking about ways to make your new windows pop, you might think about choosing colorful window dressing, getting some beautiful drapes, or even choosing windows with an extra bit of stylistic flourish. However, if you truly want to show off your new selections from windows virginia beach with a fierce modernist look, black trim could be the best way to go. While black might seem like an intense color choice, it can actually help mellow out a room while creating a beautiful art deco look and feel in a bathroom, kitchen, or even a home office. Don’t be intimidated by using dark colors to create contrast. When it comes to design choices for windows, nothing beats a black trim, and here are just a few reasons why.

1. Contrast is Key

Think about striking black and white objects and how they work to draw in the eye. From the keys of a piano to the elegant lines of a tuxedo, black and white remains a classic combination. The same goes for your interior design. Using a white trim can be a great way to keep things looking classic and feeling fresh. However, if your interior is also painted white or a similar light culture, a white trim could end up seriously drowning out your windows. Using a black trim doesn’t just make your windows stand out, it creates a natural frame for your view. Your eyes are redirected toward your window instantly rather than focusing on the harshness of the bold coloring. This is a great trick to use in homes with especially large or vertical windows that get a lot of daylight. While having everything painted in pastels or light colors can be a great way to enhance the effect of all that natural light, a black border can actually refine the effect rather than overwhelming a room with midday sunshine. You don’t have to worry about the black trim creating a dark effect or blurring out the natural light. On the contrary: Your trim will work hard to frame the light elements of the room without taking away focus from the outdoors.

2. Bring Out Your Window’s Best Traits

If you’ve brought home a beautiful vintage window or irregularly-shaped window that you’re especially proud of, you don’t want to end up hiding it away. However, painting a white or light-colored trim could have just that effect. If you want your window to be noticed rather than melting into the background, a great way to make sure it gets seen is to apply black or dark-colored trim to emphasize its unique traits. No one will be able to ignore the look of your strikingly-framed new window, no matter how much color or contrast you end up adding to the room design. If you have a more rustic-looking window, you can define the edges by adding a more distressed dark gray trim to draw the eye in. If you’re trying to emphasize the style of a unique-looking fixed window, a stark black trim against a white wall will pull the eye where it needs to go. Even if you’re working with a more standard window style, such as a double-hung window with lots of muntins, using a black trim will give each separate panel its own focus, creating a beautiful artistic look for even the most traditional window style.

3. Skip the Window Treatment

You don’t just want your home windows to sit there naked. That’s why homeowners spend so much dressing their windows up and down by installing drapes, blinds, and different visual highlights to make their windows pop. But why would you want to do all that work if you didn’t absolutely have to? When you paint your window trim black, you’re essentially doing all the work of window dressing without having to splurge on extra accessories or put in the time toward installation. Black trim also creates an instant bold look and continuity between all the windows in any given room. You can use it as a guide for other stylistic choices as well. For instance, painting the trim black in the bathroom might inspire you to go with black or dark-toned tiles, while going with black frames in the kitchen could provide the perfect counterpoint to a deep-colored marble countertop. If you want to go full-on art deco, use black trim in larger common rooms like the living room to create a more artistic-looking feel. Add minimalist artwork and framing for an even more satisfying pop of contrast.

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