Tips to maintain Wooden Garage Door

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Garage doors are the face value of the house. They are the first thing that everyone notices when entering a house. Installing the door is easy thing to do but its maintenance and repair is the thing that can be hectic and hard to do. If you are in the area of Renton and you have a garage door to repair than visit get best contractor and services.

Maintenance is the only step that will increase the age of the door and its functioning. If the door is not fully maintained, different kind of issues will be produced. Maintenance and repair can be hectic and will be more costly than a brand new installation.

There are following steps of maintenance to follow that will make sure that you don’t need to get a replacement or repair soon after the installation.

Look for Rot, Rust or Cracks

Observe your garage door keenly in every move in or move out. Pay close attention to its opening sound, its shutter sound and reaction time. Observation can point out many issues before we notice a severe issue suddenly.

Water and moisture can create many issues in garage doors. It can produce rust in steel doors and in the case of wooden doors it can increase the chances of cracks and rot in the wood. Water leakage can also disturb the electrical functioning of the door. So it should be checked that your garage door is moisture free and functioning properly.

To check the rotting condition of the door place a screw driver on the bottom of the door if the screw driver goes in than your door might have caught rot and in this case you need an urgent repair.

Check for Pests

If you have wooden door than your door might get attacked from termites, bugs and beetles. To reduce this issue it is important to get pest control spray before the condition gets worse.

Refinish Garage Door

If your garage door is looking worn out because of extreme weather condition or low quality paint usage, than you need to re-paint your door to get it more fresh and new looks.

Inspect and Replace the Rollers

Rollers of the door need to get checked once or twice a year. If the door rollers are worn out then it will affect the opening and closing of the door. Worn out and rusted rollers need to get replaced with the new one to get the better working of the door.

Lubrication of the Hardware

Lubrication of the door hardware is also very important. If the door’s hardware is not lubricated it will make the hardware of the door noisy. Tighten up all the screws and lubricate them well with the oil.

I hope you like this article and got extensive information about the repair and maintenance of the door and get the best Bellevue Garage Door Repair Contractors.



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