Best Places to Live Outside Washington, D.C.

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With Washington, D.C., being home to the nation’s capital, it makes sense its population would eventually see an explosion as more people are driven into politics and eventually retire there. If your job is in Washington, D.C., but you’re finding it a little too cozy for comfort, especially with the notorious traffic jams, becoming a commuter might be looking like an attractive option for you. Here are the three best places to live outside the nation’s capital.

  1. Prince Frederick, Maryland

Frederick is less than 50 miles from D.C. and Maryland Transit operates a train to and from the capital twice daily. One benefit to public transit is part of your work day could be completed by the time you arrive. The best things about Frederick are mountainous views, a highly rated school system and suburban atmosphere. Most residents own their homes and deals can be found inĀ real estate listings Prince Frederick MD.

  1. Arlington, Virginia

With a population close to reaching a quarter-million, Arlington stands out as a town for the young, with a population of 22% of adults under the age of 30. With thousands of bars and restaurants, and hundreds of galleries and museums, there is also plenty for those young people to do.

  1. Silver Spring, Maryland

Named after a mica-flecked natural spring, Silver Spring is an attractive option due to its proximity to D.C. as well as its affordability. Transit can get you into the city in 20 minutes on a good day, while the median selling price of homes is $385,000. Silver Spring is unincorporated and has a population of just over 8,000.

You don’t have to live in Washington to work in Washington, especially when there is so much rich history and landscape outside of Washington. Commuting is a viable option, especially to those raising families.

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